Welcome to Ereader Store !

Welcome to Ereader Store !

Your hub for exquisite products of Onyx International (Onyx Boox), support and development.


Devices for reading of the electronic books designed by Onyx International (Onyx Boox) are called not without reason as «the Book of Books». Onyx Boox allow you to read when  not all texts ever written, but at least all written, published and uploaded  to the World Wide Web books.

Despite of the very complex structure, the ebook readers are actually very easy to use  devices. The main goal of it – to make the reading of books convenient and enjoyable. In the case of the Onyx Boox e-readers the designers were definitely successful.

Modern e-Ink Pearl screens, ergonomically designed controls, supporting of huge amount of formats, best available support of PDF documents (with annotation features), reorientation of the screen view, the built in support of StarDict dictionaries, WiFi access to the Internet, open source SDK, all this and many other details make devices of Onyx International to the best alternative on the market of digital devices for reading.

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