Welcome to Ereader Store !

Welcome to Ereader Store !

Your hub for exquisite products of Onyx International (Onyx Boox), support and development.


Devices for reading of the electronic books designed by Onyx International (Onyx Boox) are called not without reason as «the Book of Books». Onyx Boox allow you to read when  not all texts ever written, but at least all written, published and uploaded  to the World Wide Web books.

Despite of the very complex structure, the ebook readers are actually very easy to use  devices. The main goal of it – to make the reading of books convenient and enjoyable. In the case of the Onyx Boox e-readers the designers were definitely successful.

Modern e-Ink Pearl screens, ergonomically designed controls, supporting of huge amount of formats, best available support of PDF documents (with annotation features), reorientation of the screen view, the built in support of StarDict dictionaries, WiFi access to the Internet, open source SDK, all this and many other details make devices of Onyx International to the best alternative on the market of digital devices for reading.

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Latest received customer reviews

Rating: 5
2017-02-15 22:00:01
gregor taube
I am probably never going to buy/borrow a textbook ever again. So I am happy with my purchase. It is perfect for students :)

I almost never write a review, but felt like I had to in this case, just to give five stars!

Rating: 5
2017-02-15 12:44:14
Jonny Jamtjord
ONYX BOOX N96 CML Front Light+Finger Touch
First of all good and fast service from eReader Store, both on my email questions and the time from ordering/paying/shipping!

Then a good price on the ONYX BOOX N96 CML and with free cover, and not free shipping to Norway I was really pleased. I'm saving up for ONYX BOOX MAX and I will ordered from eReader Store.

Love the design on this ereader with a Graphite Grey met...

Rating: 5
2017-01-27 20:40:53
Istvan Orban
It is an amazing device.

First I had purchased a boox n96 but after the delivery I realized the display was too small for my requirements. So I returned it and bought the max.

Every day I read a lot of legal texts and I travel a lot as well. The Max is ideal for my work because I like reading legal texts in A4 format. And I use the pen for marking and highlighting.

Rating: 5
2016-10-08 12:28:06
Martin Stadelmann
Totally recomending it! Its not your typical ereader. I am a life sciences master student and I use it for reading text books, the gray scale works for most of the graphs (just not for immunohistochemistry pictures) and its so lightweight that makes it more handy than these huge textbooks. Plus you can read papers without getting your eyes tired and because of its A4 format ...

Rating: 5
2016-08-07 22:01:18
Nikolai Loboda
ONYX BOOX N96 ML Front Light
The reader is well-built: no creaky parts, aluminium back, feels monolithic and expensive. The cover despite being TPU feels just like real leather. Screen quality is also good: fast, no dirt, resolution is enough to read pdf files. Device is equipped with Android, so installation of third-party applications such as Safari books is also available.
Stylus, could be used t...

Rating: 5
2016-06-22 15:15:01
Giovanni Calascione
As a student I started using the Max as soon as I received it, reading papers and documents. It changed my academic life as I do not print anymore and don't have papers scattered all over. Amazing product.

Rating: 5
2016-06-08 07:07:02
Muhamad Sahir Bin...
I have used the onyx Boox Max. To date the product very nice and easier to use and the quality of the screen definitely like a paper, will not facing tired of your eyes looking at it for longer period of time. Provided with the envelope for safekeeping truly nice. In term of size, truly amazing with A4 size and you can have full view my PDF documents especially for works. At...


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