Here you can  download the latest Updates and User Manuals for your devices


Onyx Boox M92




Update 2013-12-04



User Manual (eng) (in process)

Onyx Boox i62HD ML (Firefly)



Update 2013-07-16



User Manual (eng)

Onyx Boox i62HD (w.o. Light)





Update 2013-07-18

User Manual (eng)

How to update software on Onyx Boox

1. Download the firmware in zip format and copy it to an empty SD card (No need to unzip the firmware, the name of the firmware should be

2. Turn the device off. If you are not sure if the device is power off, please press “reset” button at the back side of the device

3. Insert TF card.

On M92 Press joystick OK button and hold it, then press power button.

On i62 series press BACK (Home) button and hold it, then press power button. 

4. When it shows “software update request detected, Checking updates” at the bottom of the screen, release OK / BACK button. It takes around 5-7 minutes to finish the updating. The device will shut down automatically after the update is completed

5. After the update is completed, please start the device and go to “about” to check the Firmware Version to make sure the update is successful.

Update failure

1. Please check whether there is firmware in SD/TF card; whether the firmware is correct;

2. If the firmware is correct, please use another SD/TF card to update; If it updates sucessfully, it was problem of the TF card;

3. If it still does not work, please contact us.